Jotter Conference Set


This new budget conference set includes all the necessary stationery for a conference, beautifully presented, with a dash of colour. In this set, you receive our Jotter A5 Notebook (NB-9510) together with a matching colour Aruba Ball Pen (PEN-1657), Braniac Pencil (PENCIL-1287) and Scholastic 15cm Ruler (RULER-3), together with a black sharpener (SHARP-1), all presented inside our new Vizi-Max Pouch (POUCH-1915). Choose to brand the pen, pencil, ruler and notebook as well as the pouch if you so wish. Make a statement with this fantastic set!!! read more ↓ read less ↑

P39.29 (Including Vat & excluding branding costs)
*branding costs to follow on request

In Stock