Yay or Nay to LinkedIn?

By Sarah Beath,   Junior Social Media Designer

The short and sweet response? Big yay. If you operate as a business, regardless of the scale or timeframe of operation, you should have a LinkedIn Business Profile. LinkedIn is the largest network in the world for businesses and professionals alike. There are numerous benefits that help to establish connections as well as building and fostering business relationships.

The key to a successful LinkedIn Profile is simply to keep it updated with the latest news and products/services relevant to your brand and business. Not only will it help in driving people through to your website, but it will aid in more effective engagements through postings such as blogs, product briefs, and previous customer experience.

Not only can you build a network with professionals within the same industry, but you are also able to attract and source the top talent if positions are needed to be filled. However, to gain traction as a ‘company to keep an eye on,’ you must establish your presence. This can be done through following companies and individuals whom you may already have an existing relationship with and then slowing building up a network of connections you look to for inspiration, guidance or simply wish to do work with.

Here are a few reasons why a LinkedIn Business Profile is encouraged:

1. It will promote your published content – Through tagging and interactive distribution features, LinkedIn will begin to form a content train which will ultimately draw more people to your profiles as well as your website.

2. Proves that you are legit – Not only that you have an office space with dedicated employees as well as a functional website and social media presence, but that you are actively flaunting your brand and selling your reputation.

3. Building your network – This can be suppliers, business minds alike, employees, potential employees & prospective customers/clients.

4. It will feed you SEO & pushing up your Google mapping – by distributing you carefully worded content, Google analytics will bump up your business on their search optimisation, which can place you a step above your competition.

In conclusion, LinkedIn is highly recommended for any company, regardless of size. The benefits truly outweigh the cons and could potentially push your brand into a new positive sphere.
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